The guidelines that inspired and characterized the design of the house are the following: the strong desire to link the house with its landscape and the will to enhance the perceptive relationship between house and nature. This double relationship has been achieved by placing the house on a basement made of stone that literally “rises” form the ground and penetrates through the structure, reaching the upper floor and becoming the perceptive guide of the house. The stone wall also characterises the living room and relax area, constantly recalling the natural environment that surrounds the house and evoking a direct relationship with earth. Plan wise the close relationship with nature has been achieved through ample openings, panoramic terraces and skylights that pierce the roof, allowing for natural light to penetrate deeply inside the rooms and produce different atmospheres throughout the day.

With: Gabriele Misso
Collaborators: Lamberto Nicoletti, Ivan Tabbo, Gianluca Iegri, Emanuela Romiti
Consultants: Carolina de Camillis, Laura Pedata, Ing. Carlo Tatti.

PROGRAM: Private houe with six bedrooms and an independent conference room
LOCATION: Isernia (Molise – IT)
DATE: December 2007 – January 2008
CLIENT: Private
AREA: 400 m2
STATUS: Finalized Construction Drawings
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