Design Team

Metropolis Architecture and planning l.t.d.

Sealine (research center tourism and coastal area)

Metropolis collaborators

Sonila Brahollari, Gerdi Papa, Emel Petërçi, Dean Hado, Iris Hyka, Ada Lushi, Klaudio Ruci, Nevila Zaimi.

AWARDS: Second Prize Winner (lots n°2)

Date: November 2014

link: Metropolis website, sealine website

Short/medium term
Starting from the villages: reactivating public space –improving connection between villages and beach -parking and beach facilities.
Maritime connection between villages and the main ports(Durres, Valona, Sarandaand Corfù) through touristic boats. Water infrastructure: mooring buoys and docking for boats.

Medium term
A system of boarding for tourists in the villages (Hotel diffuso), beach facilititesalso through private investments; development of local business linked to the tourism. The network of the paths becomes stronger and the connectivity with the Albanianinlandis improved. Along the coast and in the inner paths activity related to trekking, cycling and horse riding.

Medium/long term
Confrontation with the Adriatic scale, possible important investments through public–private partnerships.
Improvement of the road infrastructures: connections Tirana –Saranda, Sarandaairport.

The Riviera can be accessed more easily. In this phase the territory can become an open-air gym for water sports and non-competitive sports, training, etc. Hospitality can grow qualitatively and quantitatively and touristic facilities. On the sea wave breaks to protect mooring buoys and docking and docking wharfs for boats.