Re-thinking the role of the railway station in the informal cities

This research deals with the idea of Urban Multimodality as a way to rethinking the role of the railway station within informal cities. The complex topic of the railway station will be addressed through definition of terms and operative case studies. This paper will underline how certain existing characteristics belonging to the Albanian cities can be adapted as a tool to generate new urbanity and new infrastructural systems. The word multimodality is a purpose to investigate new ways to reinterpret the character of spontaneous cities as collections of multiplicity as well as multimodality. The idea of multimodal station will not be considered as a limit for the city, but rather as an actual pivot related to the different parts of the existing network. From a strategic point of view the new intermodal station will improve the different functional layers in terms of paths and strategies for a new vision of the city. Such a relationship was for years the source of international debates.
The Intermodal station studios were developed between 2011 – 2014 at POLIS University in Tirana (AL). It is important to mention that this reflection has been possible also thanks to the great contribution of : Elvan Dajko, Rezart Struga, Branko Balacevic, Olgica Nelkovska and Laura Pedata who, during these years gave a lot of suggestions and support in terms of design and methodology.

Download the article published in FORUM A+P 17 as conclusion of three years of intense research and design activities in the Studio and Theory of Architecture IV.

Below an example of work elaborated within the Studio 4 2012/13 –  “The new Intermodal Station of Durres. The boundary between the city and the harbor as an opportunity for green mobility and sustainable development implementation” by the stud. Florent Grainca. (more you will find in the above link)