The rehabilitation of the building in Vicolo della Torretta, set in the area of Campo Marzio in Rome, includes the rearrangement of the interiors in order to adapt the building to its new function: a Hotel. The program of the three story building includes a reception and sixteen furnished bedrooms that were designed taking into account the need for functionality and fluidity in order to offer to the client flexible and cosy rooms. The soft and sinuous shape of the interior surfaces is made possible by the use of flexible materials and is connected to the minimal space of the existing walls. The reception, like all the bedrooms, is the result of a functional and flexible scheme that optimizes any possible spatial solution.

Whit: Studio Giorgi – Cornaro – De Didivitiis, Laura Pedata, Gabriele Misso, Ivan Tabbo, Lamberto Nicoletti.
Rendering: Luigi Valente

PROGRAM: Interior design, Construction drawings, 3D Modelling, Rendering, Texturing
DATE: March 2006
CLIENT: Due Kappa sas
AREA: 900 m2