Point de la jonction – Geneve – June 2007

The project’s purpose is to establish a deep relation between nature and housing. In order to do so we have chosen to emphasize the contact with the natural elements (water and greenery) and to use it as a connection between the new and the existing constructions. his mediocre quality area is still strongly characterized by an important presence of natural elements such as rivers and green shores. This has created an Hybrid/transitional space where residences, offices, industries and nature are and have been randomly mixed since we wanted to maintain a multifunctional use of the area, we planned an harmonic distribution of the required urban functions (residential, commercial, cultural, tertiary) wile emphasizing the creation of a valuable natural environment. Our strategy aims to create a high quality urbanity that may become a positive reference for the city itself, while meeting the city’s need for high density housing complexes. The residential buildings rise from a green slab that protects the residences form traffic, pollution and noise thanks to the fact that the slab is set 4 metres above the street level.

With: Laura Pedata, Gabriele Misso, Ivan Tabbo, Carola Vannini
Collaborators: Lamberto Nicoletti, Francesca Sergenti, Stylianos Rousakis, Cristina Lopera

PROGRAM: Pedestrian walks, parks, swimming, etc… Housing units for families and young people. Artist studios, cultural centres, space for NGOs for example, with housing units and a green area.
LOCATION: Pointe de la Jonction, Geneva (Switzerland)
DATE: June 2007
CLIENT: Jürg Capol, Manager of the projects – Karl Steiner SA, Developer of the projects
BUDGET: Step1: 11 517 000 €, Step2: 37 232 000 €
AREA:Step1:Step1: m2 18 300, Step2: m2 18 565
STATUS: waiting for results