Object of the approach to the project was, among others, to identify the rules to enjoy the sea, giving back its view and perception, which today is obstructed, and “planning” an idea of flexible work, able to conform to Fregene future growth. To this respect the project of the new warf in particular combines the need for a new landmark with impostant issues such as sustainability and environmental impact. The warf is, in fact, equipped with shading devices, ventilation towers and solar panels that produce most of the hot water necessary to run the disco, the bar-restaurant, the gym and the small shoping mall on the warf.

Whit: Salvatore Dierna, Office Battisti – Tucci, Laura Pedata
Consultants: Cristiana Lopes, Massimo Bertollini.

AWARDS: Second Prize Winner for the Equipped Warf
PROGRAM: Waterfornt, Equipped Warf
LOCATION: Fregene (Rome)
DATE: September 2006
CLIENT: Municipality of Fiumicino (District of Rome)
BUDGET: 6.500.000 €
AREA: 9.900 m2
FEATURED IN: “L’Arca” 01/2007 n° 221; “AR” n°68/06 year XLI; Catalog – “Lungomare di Fregene”, 2007
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