Object of the approach to the project was, among others, the design of a public space that expresses, through architecture, the contemporary way of living and thinking. Therefore the symbolic value of the square as a crossroad for noise, landscapes and relationships has been highlighted. The public space has been intended as a place for meeting, communicating, stopping by, crossing, moving along and more generally spending some quality time singularly or with other people. The act of stopping by, communicating with others, celebrating old generations, producing the energy of future ones can be condensed in the public square that becomes a conjugation point trough space and time. The main aim is to join together in a single site movement and stillness, technology and traditions, religion and politics.

Whit: Gabriele Misso, Laura Pedata, Lamberto Nicoletti, Ivan Tabbo, Ascanio Perugini

AWARDS: Fourth Prize Winner
PROGRAM: Public Square
LOCATION: Giavera del Montello (Treviso)
DATE: October 2006
CLIENT: Municipality of Giavera del Montello
BUDGET: 900.000 €
AREA: 12.000 m2
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