In the renovation project of the apartment the cabinet that acts as a filter between the living room and the kitchen and study becomes the core around which the whole living area evolves around. The cabinet as a narration of places visited and experiences made throughout a lifetime serving as a Diplomat; but also simply a container for everyday objects. Although the cabinet acts as a separation between the kitchen and the living room, it is not completely opaque and it allows the permeation of natural and artificial light. The objects exposed in the cabinet become the real attraction of the living room as they are placed inside the niches that reveal stories and poems form the client’s past experiences.
The material used is CORIAN. It has the capacity to confer different shades that derive from the same colour, with translucent and opaque accents.

With: Laura Pedata
Collabborators: Lamberto Nicoletti, Gabriele Misso
Consultants: Carolina de Camillis, Riccardo Fibbi

PROGRAM: Interior renovation
DATE: Dec 2008-April 2009
CLIENT: Private
BUDGET: 70.000 €
AREA: 200 m2
FEATURED IN: “Living Roome” Interior Design Magazine – June 2009 Issue
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