Design and Adaptation of  Train Stops and Small Railway Stations.

The design process is based on the maximisation of the project’s qualification from a functional point of view, through the application of different strategies aimed, on one hand, at finding a congruous integration with the specific typological characteristics of the project’s elements and, on the other hand, at searching for affordable materials and technologies applicable to different scales of the project. One of the main aspects concerning the flexibility of the project is the typological variation and flexibility characterised by a broad range of structural elements and custom designed furniture items, carefully designed in order to be easily assembleble and adjustable to all the possible cases forwarded by the competition’s guidelines and to guarantee a dynamic fruition of space.

Whit: Office Battisti – Tucci, Laura Pedata, Gabriele Misso.
Collaborators: Lamberto Nicoletti, Francesca Sergenti, Stylianos Rousakis.
Consultants: Giancarlo Bianchi.

PROGRAM: Design and Adaptation of
Train Stops and Small Railway Stations
DATE: March 2007
CLIENT: RFI (Ferrovie dello Stato)
BUDGET:Typology b1=260000 €, b2=533330 €, b3=1410880 €, b4=1822730 €
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