Redevelopment of the sandy beach area, Redevelopment of the sites, Infrastructures – June 2007

The city’s historic footprint has introduced a number of interesting research topics that guided the overall design strategy highlighting visual axis systems and connective paths and facilitating the introduction of the program (commercial and sports activities). The project proposes a direct connection between the littoral street and the beach through cross continuous distribution layouts. Through this approach the architectural elements are completely integrated with the surrounding environment: nature penetrates deep inside the slab and guides the visitor in the continuous alternation between voids and dematerialized volumes. The dematerialisation of volumes is made possible by the choice of materials, such as wood and glass, that lighten the impact of the double height volumes. The main objective of the project is to privilege the view towards the sea, introducing horizontal panoramic volumes that turn their “eyes” towards the marine horizon.

With: Laura Pedata, Gabriele Misso, Ivan Tabbo.
Collaborators: Lamberto Nicoletti, Francesca Sergenti, Stylianos Rousakis, Cristina Lopera

PROGRAM: Redevelopment of the sandy beach area, Redevelopment of the sites, Infrastructures
LOCATION: Termoli (Campobasso)
DATE: June 2007
CLIENT: Tua s.p.a. – Trasformazione Urbana Adriatica
BUDGET: Redevelopment of the sandy beach area: 500.000€ – Redevelopment of the sites: 2.500.000€ – Infrastructures: 2.000.000€
AREA: Topic n°1: m2. 15.750,00 – Topic n° 2: m2 29.750,00 – Topic n° 3: Km 4.50