The project, that originates from the existing preliminary project for two public residential buildings, is based on the design of a “zero emission” building with particular attention paid towards the achievement of acoustic and safety comfort standards.
The project mainly concerns the façade system and, in the specific, a double skin applied to the existing façade to shade the rooms exposed to strong summer radiation and prevent summer overheating; also a system of greenhouses is introduced in the building, to preheat the air during winter. The above mentioned alterations to the existing project guarantee a passive functioning of the buildings, the maximization of thermal gain during winter and the minimization of the latter during summer. The roofing system will also be used to optimize the building’s energetic efficiency by introducing photovoltaic panels, a shading louver system and extensive vegetation: the green roof guarantees thermal and acoustic comfort, it filters smog and it absorbs 70% of rain water that is later recycled and used for irrigation. Last, but not least, the project introduces a Geothermic System with ventilation towers for natural ventilation, heating and cooling.

With: Eng. Massimo Panini, Eng. Fausto Panini, Lamberto Nicoletti, Laura Pedata, Gabriele Misso.
Collaborators: Maria Luigia Micalella, Valeria Giampà, Pasquale Vazzano

PROGRAM: Residential Building
DATE: June 2009
CLIENT: A.T.E.R., Ordine degli Architetti della provincia di Latina
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